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When people visit your home, one of the first things they notice is your screen door. A broken, ill-fitting, faded, or ripped screen can be an eyesore. Luckily for you, screen door repairs are our specialty! Screenmobile can repair most screen doors with our Screen Door Repair On-Site Service. Screenmobile can rescreen, replace wheels and handles, and readjust your door. There’s no need for you to remove your screen door or even pull out a tape measure.

Screenmobile’s mobile service vehicle fixes and replaces door screens on the spot. We bring our “workshop on wheels” to you, so you can get fast, professional service wherever you are. We take precise measurements to ensure your screen doors fit perfectly and will effortlessly open and close. Learn what our professional repair and re-screening service can do for your home.

Screen repair technicians will typically work with the screens you already have in your screen doors, either modifying or fixing them. No matter what kind of screen door you have—swinging, sliding, retractable, or French—our experts can fix it. Replacement handles, wheels, and specialized parts are provided in case they are needed during the repair process. We also manufacture replacement door frames when the originals become too damaged to function properly.

Types of Screen Door Repairs

  • Rescreening of existing doors.
  • New screen door wheels and handles installed.
  • Cleaning tracks and lubricating.
  • Adjusting your screen doors for best performance.

Replaceable Hardware

Screenmobile service vehicles carry replacement parts to repair your screen doors. This includes hard-to-find screen door parts like screen door handles, wheels, and springs. Please call us for more information. You Call, We Screen.

Door Rescreening

Improve your outlook with our choice of fabrics!

Whether you need one front door or several sliding doors rescreened, Screenmobile has you covered with a wide selection of screen materials. Our professionals will inspect your home environment and suggest which screen material is best for your home. Screens made from pet-resistant, low-visibility, glare or sun-control, and even golf ball-protecting materials are just a few of the numerous specialty fabrics available. 

We offer a variety of screen colors so that you can find one that matches the decor of your home without having to change the screen material.

Any need, any screen, any place…Screenmobile is ready to work for you. You Call, We Screen.

Professional Home Screen Repairs Services

A skilled screen technician can fix or replace your screen quickly and easily, ensuring that you are protected from insects and the environment for the foreseeable future. But a Screenmobile tech will show up on location and fix your home screens while you relax in the comfort of your home.

Hiring a Screenmobile expert guarantees you’ll have someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to repairing or replacing screens. Our business has been maintaining screens for nearly half a century. We only use high-quality frame and screen materials, so your home screens will last for years.

Contact us today to discuss your home screen repair needs.

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