Reduce heat, glare, and air conditioning costs!

Solar window screens are panels made of special screen mesh that fit onto your windows and porch to decrease heat and glare by deflecting sunlight. The specialized window mesh screen design lets homeowners enjoy their view outside but blocks the visibility into their homes. In addition, solar screens filter 65 to 90 percent of UV rays, reducing the sun from heating your windows and assisting with solar heat gain coefficients. You can rely on Screenmobile’s sun protection screens to minimize light leakage with a tight fit, custom-made to your window size. 

Solar screens from Screenmobile are an economical way to reduce heat and glare caused by the sun’s hot rays within your home and patio. We offer solar screen panels in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, our professional installation services offer clipped-on panels for easy removability, or we can install our energy-saving sun protection screens directly to the home to ensure a more permanent fitting.

Key Features

Our custom-made solar window screen panels are versatile. You can remove your sun protection screens during the cooler months and quickly re-install them when the hot months return. Solar Screens are a great way to reduce energy consumption all year long.

Custom-made to ensure proper fit.

Screenmobile ensures that when you choose us to do the work, your solar screens will fit and look great. We measure, build, and install your new sun protection screens on-site.

Block up to 90% of the sun's rays

Screenmobile’s solar screens block up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping your house cooler. Sun protection screens are for more than just heat – they’ll keep your furniture from fading and reduce glare on your TV during the day.

Reduces heat by up to 15 degrees

Did you know that solar screens with our sun-blocking mesh can reduce the heat gain on your windows by up to 15 degrees? That means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep that room cool, and you cut your electricity cost, just by installing sun protection screens.

Arches and Angles

Need sun protection screens in a unique shape? Screenmobile can make solar screen panels in all shapes and sizes, including arches and odd-angle screens. Our custom screening can fit any opening or application.

Easily removable for storage during the winter

Screenmobiles solar screen panels are easily removable when you want the sun. They are also easily installed when summer comes around again.

Most screen panels made on-site

Screenmobile measures, manufacturers, and makes most screens on-site. We make it easy for you to get solar screens on your house.

Solar Screen Fabric Choices

We have a wide variety of screen fabrics to choose from. Depending on your needs, we offer sun control screen, insect control screen, pet-resistant screen, and more! In addition to our standard options, we can also help you with specialty screens that resist weatherization, such as copper or bronze screens.

Our solar window screens also are available in a wide variety of colors and meshes. Please be sure to ask your Screenmobile technician which screen fabric is right for you.

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