Is a Security Door Worth it? Our Security Door Buyers Guide

Masked burglar with black jacket and gloves is using a crowbar to try too pry a security door open

Deciding to install a security screen door instead of a regular one can be an emotionally trying choice. It’s more costly, true (more on that below), but it’s an extra layer of protection for your family and belongings.

You might think a security door is not worth it, that your neighborhood is safe. And that’s a risk you must take and live with.

We’ll help you make your decision with a clear conscience–regardless of whether you choose a security screen door. 

What is a security door?

First, a little background on security doors. You know what storm doors are, if not from TV, then from your neighborhood. Storm doors are the cornerstone of American households, protecting families from harsh weather conditions since the Civil War. 

Storm doors have certainly evolved since the late 1800s, one of those products being the security door. Of course, not every household needs a storm door; not everyone lives in Hurricane or Tornado Alley. But the extra layer of protection they offered was a feature other families went for.

Security doors a commonly found in two different styles:

  • Stainless steel or aluminum frame 
  • Decorative or plain

You can keep your aesthetics and curbside appeal and still benefit from the many advantages security doors bring:

  1. Element of home security
  2. Resistant to intruders
  3. Supports Ventilation
  4. Prevents flying insects and critters
  5. Keeps kids and pets indoors
  6. Doubles as a solar shade

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Pros and Cons of security doors

To save you the headache of figuring out if security doors are worth it, we’ve created a pro/con list for you. It might even answer some questions you didn’t consider asking!

Pro: Security 

It’s all in the name, really, but security is a huge pro, especially if you’re fearful for the safety of your family and belongings. Security doors have stronger frames (stainless steel or aluminum) that can withstand forced pressure. 

Security doors fit over your regular door, so you have a double locking system, including the doubled door benefits. 

Also, to note, security doors work as a visible deterrent. A burglar is less likely to attempt breaking into a home with a security door, not wanting to risk extra time, failure, and capture.

Con: Not a DIY project

Many of you are DIY enthusiasts who relish a challenging project. However, security doors are not suitable for DIY projects. You can attempt it, but a warranty won’t cover you.

It’s better to get a trained technician to install your security door to ensure it’s properly fitted and secure. Screenmobile technicians measure and install security doors custom built to fit your home.

Pro: Ventilation

There’s nothing better than being able to leave your front door open to let a cool breeze flow through your home on a hot summer’s day. Now you can leave your door wide open and not risk pets escaping, children running out into the street, or opportunists taking advantage of your open-door vulnerability. 

Many security door designs have mesh screens applied to allow home ventilation. It will help keep energy bills low, too.

Con: Price

Budget often takes priority with major household expenditures. It’s true; security doors are more expensive with heavy metal frames and multipoint locking systems. You need to weigh up your personal need for a security door. 

  • Do you live in an area prone to burglary?
  • Is your home often isolated?
  • Or perhaps only one person is present during the day?
  • Do you have valuables locked away?

Although a security door cannot fully replace a home security system, it’s cheaper to maintain with a one-time purchase.

Pro: Weather deterrent Options

As mentioned above, some styles of security doors are evolved storm doors. You get the same weatherproofing benefits, insulated from cold air and wind while cutting your energy costs and protecting your family. 

Con: Possible Corrosion/Rust 

If you live in a region with heavy rainfall, you would think that corrosion or rust can quickly occur, regardless of the material you choose. However, with the metals we use and the powdered coating, you can expect years before corrosion or rust appears.

Aluminum: doesn’t rust and can take years to corrode. Salt is the active element in aluminum corrosion, meaning coastal homes could experience corrosion faster. 

Stainless Steel: doesn’t rust or corrode. However, prolonged and frequent exposure to heat can damage its strength. 

Pro: ROI and Boosted Home Value

Adding a security door immediately increases your home value. You will have less to pay on your home insurance, too. Taking the steps needed to fully protect your home saves you money in the long run, not to think of the valuables that you protect within your home. 

Families feel safer in adequately secured homes, so if you’re considering selling within the next ten years, expect a higher price.

At the end of the day, security doors are the responsible choice.

Now that you’ve read through this information, you may feel more confident choosing a security door when deciding to install a screen door or upgrade your current one. 

You can reach out to your local Screenmobile franchise and ask them for a quote, including a call out for measurements and door selection and a second call (two weeks later) for a professional installation.

We carry Titan and Vista–leading brands in security doors for homes and commercial spaces.

Give us a call today and have your home secure in a matter of weeks.

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