What is a Lanai?

two women sit under the shade of a lanai patio and enjoy the shade

Enjoying time outside is great for our wellness. However, the outdoors present some dangers. UV rays, heat, and pests can prevent you from having the good time you deserve.

A lanai can keep you and your visitors safe from the elements while providing comfort. Lanais can also help business owners attract customers and enhance their buildings’ appeal.

What is a lanai? What are the advantages of having one? What are some other options to help you enjoy your outdoor space?

Keep reading to learn more about lanais and if one is right for you!

What Is a Lanai?

The traditional lanai meaning comes from Hawaii. The term lanai simply refers to a covered or enclosed porch or patio. Conventional lanais have a roofed entrance and exclude more than one wall, granting wider access to nature. They often open up to larger living spaces.

Although lanais originated in the Aloha State, their use spread to areas that frequently experience warm climates, like California and Florida. However, anyone across the United States can add a lanai to their home or business.

How Does a Lanai Differ from a Traditional Porch/Patio?

Porches are traditionally areas connected to buildings that have roofs but no walls.

Patios are typically uncovered, paved areas that can be attached to buildings but sometimes are not.

A porch patio combines the best traits of both, offering a covered and paved space.

Lanais are porch patios that have taken on new dimensions. They extend indoor spaces, expanding the comforts of your home outside. Some lanais have living-room-style accommodations, special lighting, TVs, and more. Lanais generally have some sort of access points between the building and the sitting area. A sliding glass door or set of french doors can lead to a hang-out spot your friends and family will never want to leave.


The Advantages of Lanais

Lanais offer several benefits for your outdoor space. Here are the top benefits of them:



Because you can use a lanai as an extension to your home’s interior, you can have one connected to your house wherever it is possible. Imagine waking up in the morning and walking out onto your lanai directly from your bedroom. The crisp morning air could vitalize you to face the day head-on. You could even connect your living room to one, upgrading your summer barbecues to spectacular affairs.

Access points

As previously mentioned, you can access lanais in several ways. Retractable and sliding screen doors are just a few of the alternatives you can use to enjoy nature year-round.


In addition to lighting and TVs, you can put anything you want in a lanai. A few stunning choices to spruce up your space include:

      • Ceiling fans.
      • Dining table.
      • Plants.
      • Pool table.
      • Work station.

Walls, screens, or both

Your lanai can have a full wall or half of one. You can also have a screened lanai that helps keep bugs out of your face. A lanai screen can complement wall enclosures, offering pest protection and a great view of your property.

More Usable Living Space

Lanais can be used as a second living room, dining area, or workspace. You can use them however you see fit. Their main draw is that they give you more space to live and play.

Safer Access to Nature

Fresh air and sunlight can boost your energy levels. A lanai porch gives homeowners a safe outdoor space with all the comforts of home. You can relax outdoors while technically not really being outside.

Added Value

Lanais can increase your property’s value. If you place your home on the market, then a lanai can appear attractive to prospective buyers, especially if you live in warm climates.


Lanai Alternatives

If you are still determining whether a lanai is right for you, then you can explore more alternatives that can amplify your home or business.

Sunrooms: Sunrooms are great if you want to let as much sunlight as possible enter your home. A sunroom is simply a room with a large number of windows. You can build one onto an existing patio.

Three-season rooms: These sunroom variations are meant to be used three out of four seasons a year. Three-season rooms could prove beneficial if your winters are severely cold and detrimental to outdoor enjoyment. You could also use them all year. It’s your space!

Catios: Patios for cats are becoming popular across the country. These special enclosed areas are designed specifically for your feline friends.

Let Screenmobile Inspire You

Choosing the right addition for your property can be stressful. While there’s certainly an initial investment to consider, the long-term gains are immeasurable.

Building a lanai can add value to your property and quality of life. You could invite your friends and family to hang out on your lanai. Doesn’t that sound exotic? A lanai can take you away from the stresses of everyday life.

But the key is that you have to trust the company you’ve partnered with to renew your space.

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