Make Your Windows Safe for Birds.

Kestrel bird sits at window staring into home.

Birds are beautiful, and we all love to hear them tweeting outside our windows. But unfortunately, they are light, fragile animals who get injured when they fly into windows. Be it via the kitchen window, the bathroom window, a bedroom window, or the back door. 

Birds flying into your windows can be a scary phenomenon. The cat gets agitated, the kids become excited, and you’re left with the sad job of having to collect tiny injured birdies. One easy solution to prevent birds from flying into your windows and doors is to install screens. This will save you the headache, and likely the bird, too!

Want to know more? Then keep reading.


Why do birds fly in through windows and doors?

First things first, why are the birds hitting your windows? Of course, location will decide the breed, but the why’s are similar across the board.

  • The reflection of light is confusing the bird seeking shelter. 
  • They’ve set up a nest near (or on) your home.
  • They’re flying in a murmuration.
  • Indoor lights on at night distract tired migrating birds.

Clean windows are usually the primary issue, but will you sacrifice cleanliness and your terrific view for a few birds? Not many would. Jumping into prevention mode and creating bird-safe windows is your best option.


Best way to keep birds from flying into windows

At Screenmobile, we have seen how screens are effective at preventing collisions. For example, exterior screens reduce the glare of the sun hitting the window pane of glass, while interior screens reduce the light reflection, distracting migrating birds. 


Migrating birds

We’ve touched on this a couple of times, so we’d like to explain the how and the why quickly. 

Our feathered friends, like hummingbirds, terns, and swallows, traverse large areas to reach a warmer climate and often fly throughout the night. The moon and the stars are a clear navigational map for them, without the discomfort from the heat of the daytime sun. 

However, lights in a home, especially many lights in a residential area, can confuse flight-fatigued birds into thinking it’s daybreak, and they swoop down to follow the light, flying straight into your window. 

The State of Texas actively campaigns for homeowners to turn off unnecessary lights during migrations to lower bird mortality. This includes any exterior or interior light that is unnecessary. 


What type of screens reduces birds colliding with windows?

Here’s a list of different bird-friendly window treatments you can install. Generally, a mesh or covering blocking your window will be the best result.

  • Blackout screens: install them on the interior or exterior of your windows to prevent any light from escaping, distracting migrating birds.
  • Solar shades: many options exist, interior and exterior, that initially stop the sun from coming into your home while maintaining your view. The same mesh and color will similarly work as a deterrent for clean windows and low-flying birds.
  • Pet-resistant screens: feather-friendly and will be a softer blow for any bird misguided by a strong breeze.

When choosing interior window treatments, remember that the bird may still be distracted by the sun’s reflection. 


How to install a bird-friendly window screen?

Bird-safe screens are going to double as your needed screens. There is no specific screen for birds. We advise you to consider all the elements and choose a screen accordingly. Elements to consider:

  • Climate – hot or cold
  • Proneness to hurricanes 
  • Proximity to wooded areas (critters)
  • Pets in the home
  • Energy efficiency
  • Protection from burglars

Perhaps your need solar screens or a storm door. Maybe you are seeking a tighter mesh to stop bugs from flying in while keeping your home ventilated? Maybe you need a more robust pet-resistant screen, or go all out and get a security screen.

Once you’ve figured out the best option, you’re halfway there.

Screenmobile Tech servicing a window screen affixed to a home.


Screenmobile – How We Work

Let us tell you a bit about how we work at Screenmobile. We are a franchise mobile door and window screen service provider. We don’t have a brick-and-mortar store. We do, however, have vans and trucks. This is the part where we’re mobile!

All you need to do is fill out a quick inquiry form here or call your local franchise for them to set an appointment with you. We come to your home, do the measurements, and provide advice. You can check out what we have in stock and choose your preferred fabric and color.

We then set another appointment, usually two weeks later, where we come out to professionally install your new screens, regardless if you have screens for the first time or if they are a replacement. 

So you don’t need to worry and bother about going to HomeDepot or Lowes, hoping you’ve taken the correct measurements, and then fretting for hours when you can’t find the correct dimensions. Choosing Screenmobile reduces your stress and time spent.


Two birds with one stone

Do your bit for nature and save some birds’ lives. Installing screens is also beneficial for the homeowner and occupants – the list of benefits is something to consider.

You can save birds while promoting ventilation in your home.

You can save birds while keeping flying insects and bugs out.

You can save birds while protecting your family and belongings from intruders.

You can save birds while keeping your lintels intact during hurricane season.

You can save birds while saving more on heating and cooling bills.

You can save birds while reducing sun glare and blocking harmful UV rays.


The solution is simple: Screenmobile window and door screens. All you need to do now is choose which ones!

Check out our Screenmobile store today and start your journey in making your windows bird-safe. 

NOTE FROM SCREENMOBILE: If you are interested in reading more about bird safety and preventing collision, we encourage you to visit the American Bird Conservancy website.

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